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White Laser 3km Searchlight-WL-30W-A

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Product model: WL-30W-A1

Beam distance :  3km


  • This white laser light has 4 power modes of high, medium, low and strobe. Press the tail switch to turn on the searchlight, to change the power modes it is just a case of quickly pressing the tail switch “off- on”.
  • Beam angle adjustment: the white laser light beam angle can be adjusted by rotating the head of the light.
  • The searchlight has a battery indicator at the rear which consists of four red LED. Turn on the searchlight, when 4 LEDs are on indicates fully charged and if there is 1 LED on indicates low power display.
  • The charging interface is located at the rear of the laser light, twist the end cover of charging interface, insert the configured charger with this product rotating and cocking interface can be charged. When the charge indicator is red, it means charging; the red light turns green to indicate the completion of the charging; unplug the charging power, and turn on the dimming switch, L E D will show the battery power



Characteristics Typical Unit
Light Source White Laser
Power consumption 30 W
Color temperature

6000 K
Illuminance at 25 meters 4900 Lux
LED Luminous Flux 1500 Lm
Viewing angle(zoom-able) 1.5° – 6° No
Rated voltage DC 16.8 V
Charging time 3.5 Hours
Illumination time 2.5 Hours
Lens diameter 70

Working Conditions Temperature -40℃ – +85℃
Surface treatment Hard oxidation
Material Aluminum alloy
Net weight 2400 g
Dimensions 240X95X140 mm


  • This is white laser long-range searching light, do not shine on the human eyes when turn it on, or it will cause a short period of blindness.
  • The product should be stored in a cool area, and avoid being placed in the sunlight or high temperature environment.
  • The batteries of the laser light are dangerous goods; non-professional personnel may not unpack them.
  • Do not disassemble the laser light’s spotlight head, to avoid damaging or cannot be used normally.
  • Rechargeable batteries configured in the product are recommended to charge and discharge every 3 months if they are not be used for a long period of time.

Warranty Information:

  • 1 year warranty for this product, (damage caused by the quality of the product itself) ;
  • The damage caused by private disassembly is not in the scope of this warranty.




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