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We have tried our best to show the complete information here, but new products are keeping launched at the same time. If you could not find what you need or are confused in some details, please do not hesitate to contact us. Maybe the item you are looking for is just our upcoming new one. Deshun Technology has powerful teams in designing of software, electronic circuit, mechanical structure and appearance. What’s more, we offer support according to your requirements for designing and developing excellent new products.


WLaser Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is a professional high technology company with proprietary intellectual rights and original creative designs. We meticulously develop and build energy-saving white laser specific long-range lighting product with advanced international high technology. Widely apply to the ships on the sea, long-distance searching in the sky, border defense, coast defense, engines, chariots, trains, tanks, tactical white laser flashlights, single soldier white laser long-range search lighting devices and so on.


The world leading white laser lighting products with cutting-edge significance which are coming soon or in the market include: tactical white laser flashlights, single soldier white laser long-range searching light and white laser long-range searching light for the board on the ships; the power of the product includes 10W,20W,30W,100W and 200W. The beam distance of white laser lighting product can up to 1km,  1.6km, 3km, 6.5km and 10km.


The laser light source of the white laser lighting products of WLaser adopts the blue light to emit the phosphor powder which achieved the white laser. Compared to the tricolor white laser, WLaser product has smaller cubage, well-knit structure, higher luminance, lower power, and it is more energy-saving. Compared with the LED lighting, the advantages of white laser are remarkable as the smaller cubage, light energy concentration, strong light penetrating ability and farther projection distance.


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